12 Year Old Melted 8LBS in 21 Days!

Tuesday 03 September, 2013 at 8:03 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on 12 Year Old Melted 8LBS in 21 Days!

And the winner is.....Angel! So 21 days ago our boot camp started a Weight Loss Challenge with the winner receiving unlimited boot camp for September and the runner up getting 8 sessions free. I'm extremely proud of everyone 21 Days of#dedication and I'm so excited for the winner. Let me start of by saying Angel is only 12 years old and this kid is Mr. #noexcuses. Angel is so #focusedthat he often gets upset with his mother if their running late to boot camp. Basically, Angel has a goal and he's sticking to it. In 21 Days he dropped 8lbs just by coming to #bootcamp and following the food plan. Plus, believe it or not his mother Maria tied with Nick for 2nd place. Both Maria and Nick lost over 4lbs. But, this type of challenge enables everyone to be losers, lol. Remember everyone you can't out train a bad diet. If you wanna look fit you have to eat fit. Congrats to EVERYONE! Click Read More and see him in action....

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