Woohoo! Suzy Loses Over 20LBS!

Tuesday 10 September, 2013 at 12:47 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Woohoo! Suzy Loses Over 20LBS!

So normally I'm saying, check out my clients before and after, but I can't even say that this time because we ain't done yet. Big shoutout to Suzy! She's been with me since earlier this year and she's down over 20lbs. Matter a fact, she broke the 20lbs wall during our last Weight Loss Challenge. Honestly, since her first session she's been going hard. She's got a mindset to give it her all, right down to the final second. I'm so proud of her cause she always shows up ready to work with #noexcuses, plus she takes it very serious when I say, what you eat is very key! She strictly followed the last challenge's meal plan. Thanks so much Suzy for staying so #committed because if you don't go after what you WANT, then you will never get it! Keep WANTING it!

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