Transformation Alert: Emilda Dropped 7% Body Fat

Thursday 27 June, 2013 at 3:47 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Transformation Alert: Emilda Dropped 7% Body Fat

Transformation Alert: Shout out to Emilda! She’s been working so hard since day one! Emilda started training at 31% Body Fat and now has dropped to 24% and dropping. When I tell you she’s dedicated to getting better that’s what I mean! She’s been completely focused and driven since her first boot camp in October 2012. She has the spirited to try anything that I throw at her, and I just #love to hear her say…”Dwayne, I remember when I couldn’t do one of those”. She’s also well known for two-a-day training, which means gym in the morning and boot camp at night. Plus, on the weekends, her and hubby ride their bikes 8 miles round trip to Mullins Park for boot camps…just to get the added calorie burn. Congrats Emilda! Thanks for understanding that this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Coral Springs Boot Camp Weight Loss Transformation

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