Congrats Michael, Lost over 47lbs!

Wednesday 15 August, 2012 at 10:32 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Congrats Michael, Lost over 47lbs!

I could not be more proud of Michael dropping from 215lb to 168lbs. He set milestones and kept breaking them. I started training Michael in Oct of 2012 and since the beginning he’s continued to amaze me. What make his journey unique is that we didn’t do one on one trainings the entire journey; Michael would train with me in alternating blocks over the last 10 months. We would develop a circuit, he’d train with me for a period of time and then he’d go into auto-pilot mode and continue the core principles of those trainings on his own for a period of time. Michael’s determination and these alternating cycles have been key components in his transformation. Michael’s motivation to succeed was unbelievable to me; being that he’s a full time law student, he would be up late hours studying, but would never miss getting up at 6am to train with me. Congrats Michael, you deserve every bit of your transformation(and I got your text yesterday, already set another milestone).

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