What Statistic Will You Be This Year?

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The other day, I was thinking....every year, many people get so excited to make new years fitness resolutions, but how many people actually get to see them thru? Cause let's face it, without a good fitness plan, it's hard to keep focus and motivated....so, I decided to do a little research. A poll taken in February of 2011 asked 6,723 randomly selected adults 30-50 years of age about their 2010 new years resolutions. The poll revealed the following.....

  • 64% of people who made a New Years Resolution to lose at least 20 lbs. in 2010 never even made it out of the gate.  That’s right, 64% of them didn’t lose one single pound
  • 7% never even tried for any significant length of time (more than 6 weeks)
  • Out of the 64% of people who didn’t lose any weight,  nearly half (47%) reported to have actually gained weight over the course of the year.
  • 19% of participants in the poll lost 5-9 pounds but were not able to maintain progress and gave up or gained it all back.

So, 83% of the people in the poll, who made a resolution to lose weight in 2010, lost less than half the weight they wanted to lose. And even worse, 30% of all the participants actually gained weight over the course of the year.

That sucks… but, let’s hear about the 17% of people who succeeded in their new years resolution.

So we are left with 17% of people who succeeded in losing at least 20lbs. Here is the breakdown of those 17%.

Of those 1,043 people:

  • 1022 of them also followed a structured nutritional program created/guided by a personal trainer or nutrition professional
  • 928 worked with a personal trainer 2-4 times per week
  • 62 worked out at a fitness centers group exercise program at their local gym/YMCA
  • 42 followed and self administered exercise program created by a professional (P90x, Insanity, Tae Bo, etc….)
  • 10 exercised on their own without any sort of structured fitness program

So what should you take home from this?

  1. Your chances of successfully losing weight without proper nutritional guidance is slim
  2. 89% of people who successfuly lose weight, do it working with a personal trainer
  3. Only .95% of people who “do it alone” succeed

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