Rhonda Is Getting Toned!!!

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Just wanted to post a quick story about one of my clients Rhonda R. Her goal is a little unique because she wanted to build muscle tone rather than losing weight, so we created a killer routine that would build a lean mean Rhonda. She went from struggling to do a push up to knocking them out with ease. Read more to see a sample of Rhonda's training routine.....

He’s a sample of Rhonda’s Back and Bicep Routine

Back Set Lat Pull Downs (Reverse Grip)                 3 X 10 to 12
Back Dumbbell Bent Over Wide Rows                     3 X 10 to 12
Back Dumbbells Kneeling One Arm Row               3 X 8
Biceps Barbell Curls                                                        3 X 8
Biceps Inner Bicep Curls                                              3 X 10 to 12
Biceps Hammer Curls                                                    3 X 10 to 12

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