Tonya is Down 10lbs in 1 Month!

Sunday 17 November, 2013 at 11:48 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Tonya is Down 10lbs in 1 Month!

Down 10lbs in 1 month, woohoo! Congrats @islandyella! She's been focused since her birthday last month and it's completely paying off! Taking your meals and exercise seriously is a key component to a transformation. You have to plan your attack, but make sure your using the proper ammo, or you will continue to miss your target. We are the only completely #hiit based Group Training in #coralsprings. High Intensity Interval Training isn't some gimmick. It's a college researched and science based training that kick starts your #metabolism, burns 2 times as many #calories as steady state #cardio, and builds lean muscle and burns more #fat in less time that traditional #exercise. Its truly a smart way to train, or we wouldn't do it. It's not just exercise, it's what you do when you exercise.

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