UPDATE: Transformation Thierry

Tuesday 26 July, 2011 at 11:17 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on UPDATE: Transformation Thierry

When Thierry came to me in January of 2011, he had one goal...loss as much weight before his August wedding anniversary. See, Terry was weighing in at 297lbs, and he really wanted to change that, so PROJECT: Terry was launched.

 So, we carved out an early morning gym routine (5:30am) and performed a diet makeover. Soon there after, Thierry started to see the pounds begin to melt away. Next, we set a fitness goal of running his first ever 5k. So, within 3 months, he registered and completed the Mercedes Benz Corporate 5k Run in late March,2011 (pictured above).

Well now it’s August, and I know everyone would like to see the latest images of  Thierry, so stay tuned!!!!





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