Looking For An All Natural Protein RTD?

Saturday 25 June, 2011 at 1:46 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Looking For An All Natural Protein RTD?

So, I was looking for an all natural protein RTD that I could pack away in my gym bag, and drink minutes after a workout. Lately, I've been steering away from chemical enhanced protein shakes because many of them leave me feeling so bloated....Then, I noticed that Mix1 released an all natural chocolate and vanilla RTD, which packs in 15 grams of whey protein isolate. Now, I've always knew that Mix1 was the king of all natural fruit flavor protein, but the new chocolate and vanilla line took me by surprise!

Well, I decided to give the new flavors a shot. First up was chocolate, which had a thinner base than the normal fruit flavored Mix1 product line…this was great as some people tend not to like a thicker recovery drink right after an intense workout or training session.  Now, I have to say the chocolate Mix1 was love at first taste, but the vanilla took me a few tries before I could appreciate the taste. Basically, the chocolate tasted more like chocolate, but the vanilla wasn’t a dead on taste hit for me.


chocolate mix1 all-natural protein shakes


mix1 products contain only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients including whey protein isolate, carbohydrates, antioxidants, soluble fiber and healthy fat. We use the right balance of these ingredients, at efficacious levels, to provide the maximum benefit to your body before a workout, after a workout, or throughout your day.

  • 15 grams of superior whey protein isolate
  • 2 to 1 carb to protein ratio
  • antioxidants = 3 servings fruits & veggies*
  • 23 vitamins & minerals
  • 3 grams of soluble fiber
  • 2.5 grams of heart healthy fat
  • free of lactose, gluten, soy & caffeine
  • *based on an average serving of fruits/veggies with an ORAC value of 500


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