Interview with the Awe-Inspiring Fitness Model Tiffany Upshaw

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Folks, if you don’t know the name Tiffany Upshaw, you will very soon. Tiffany is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising fitness models in the country. She already has one NPC Bikini title under her belt, and she’s competing for yet another one this year. Her main focus right now, is earning her PRO Card in Bikini, and she's dedicated on achieving that prestigious milestone.

She is also an endorsed athlete by both Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building, plus her incredible 5’4 frame has been in countless print publications.

So Tiffany, how did you get your start as a fitness model?
I was actually discovered on MySpace (believe it or not) by Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding. I never knew anything about the health industry at all but quickly learned about it and how it could benefit me and my health positively. 

You seem so motivated, where does that come from?
My motivation comes from within; my personal drive to want to achieve a better quality life, professionally, internally and physically. I also get my motivation and inspirations from my Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding family as well as close friends who compete in NPC & IFBB competitions.

Can we have a glimpse into your training week?
Of course! I BUST TAIL all week =)

Where do you think most people go wrong when it comes to training their abs?
In my opinion, and also from personal experience, Abs are made in the kitchen aka YOUR DIET! When working abs, I feel that they should just be worked in a lateral motion or even just a slight twist when you reach the sit up part. When you start doing the side to side motions (Ex: Roman Chair Abs w/ a weight), you build the tiny muscle on your side to which will make you look like you have a love handle. I’ve NOW gotten rid of that little pesky looking muscle, lol, by just keeping abs all lateral, tight and enclosed.

This upcoming August  you will be competing at the Dexter Jackson Classic (NPC Bikini Division) in Jacksonville, FL. Has your diet changed much?
Slightly, yes. Less carbs for these Thanksgiving Thighs!

So, if I raided your kitchen right now, what might I find?
Sugar-Free popsicles for starters! Healthy foods of course. When in prep for a competition, its essential to keep the healthiest foods so that you’re not tempted to cheat.

When cutting, do you prefer normal cardio vs. HIIT?
I prefer any kind of cardio but mainly HIIT…trust me..I don’t do the normal HIIT…maybe I’ll video it one day – it’s insane & it cuts! (wink)

Okay, can I have one word that describes Tiffany best, and why?
A world that promotes and encourages the best ‘ME’. a world that encourages that most things are possible whether through sports, nutrition, belonging to an organization or simply learning how to become a better ‘you’ . The Fitness world is about living longer, reaching fitness goals, failing one week on a scale but getting to the end result through practice, work outs, sweats, and boundaries that must be achieved.

So, what’s up next for you other than the Dexter Jackson Classic?
I will be attending the 2011 Europa Super Show & Supplement Expo in Dallas, TX & then the 2011 2011 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV to work the booths for Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding. I have other shows that I plan on doing but I’ll disclose as time gets closer.

Well, Tiffany it was wonderful talking with you…best of luck in August!!

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