Will Eating Carbs at Night Make Me Fat?

Saturday 09 June, 2012 at 1:13 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Will Eating Carbs at Night Make Me Fat?

This is a long-held carb myth that a recent study debunked: researchers placed 78 obese police officers on a 1,300- to 1,500- calorie diet for six months. One group ate carbs mostly at dinnertime, while the other group ate carbs evenly throughout the day. The nighttime eaters ended up losing more belly fat and weight. Why?

The hormones leptin (tells you you’re full) and insulin have a lot to do with it. Eating carbs at night increases both hormones, so by the time you wake up, you won’t feel ravenous. That’s why the nighttime carb eaters reported felling less preoccupied with food. They also experienced better improvements in their insulin, blood sugar and cholesterol levels than the control group. The key is to prevent insulin from turning into the “fat-making hormone”.

Source: oxygenmag.com

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