Clean Processed Foods?

Wednesday 24 August, 2011 at 10:24 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Clean Processed Foods?

I've been receiving allot of questions about my diet. What am I eating, What am I NOT eating, and so on. But, the #1 question I've been receiving is......Do I eat processed foods and the answer is........

Yes, I eat processed foods. I know that I’m offending some folks in the fitness industry right now, but I like to keep my diet simple and easy to manage. I’m big on…if it’s too hard to follow, then people won’t be able to keep it up for long.

Now, I don’t go overboard with processed foods, but I do subsitute meals at times with them. Case & point, if I’m in a rush in the morning and can’t whip up some egg whites…my favorite on the go breakfast item is Jimmy Dean’s, D-Lights Egg Wheat Canadian Bacon Sandwich because one of these breakfast sandwich only packs in 230 Calories / 4.5g  Fat / 15g Protein. So, rather than having an excuse why I missed breakfast, or why I stopped at the McDonald’s drive-thru. I just subsitute my normal breakfast meal with something that won’t leave me saying, “Now, why did I just eat that!”

Also, remember don’t skip meals to lead a healthy lifestyle…just get full on the items that won’t increase your pants size 🙂

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