Why Use Supplements?

Wednesday 28 May, 2014 at 7:00 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Why Use Supplements?

Can't get all your nutrients from food? Then, supplement baby....that's what my clients and I do. Whether it's #protein, #fiber, or #BCAAs at times the lack of proper eating leads to the need of a balance supplement regimen. Sure, you can grow plants with just water, but adding fertilizer can add a world of difference. Also, don't forget get a routine #toxin cleanse as well. Studies show...Click Read More

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The Best Personal Training in Coral Springs

Wednesday 16 April, 2014 at 3:18 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on The Best Personal Training in Coral Springs

HUNGER 4 FITNESS is a family-run fitness company, specializing in boot camp and semi-private personal training and nutrition. We offer the best personal training in Coral Springs with a proven track record of client success. Click Read More Would you like to transform the way you look and feel? Would you like a slim, toned and firm body that you’ll be proud to show off? Would you like to feel strong, healthy and full of confidence? At HUNGER 4 FITNESS, we promise that you will work with an expert personal trainer in Coral Springs, who will assist you with your health and fitness goals.

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Interview: April Client of the Month

Wednesday 26 March, 2014 at 3:09 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Interview: April Client of the Month

Super excited about our April Client of the Month. Johanna has been focused and it's paying off in a major way. She's a new mother, and a perfect example of what a Done for you Meal Plan and a structured exercise program can do for you. In less than 5 weeks and she's down over 7lbs. Congrats Johanna! We are very proud of you! Please client READ MORE to see Johanna's first had experience with HUNGER 4 FITNESS.

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Want To Lose Over 10lbs In 28 Days?

Tuesday 11 March, 2014 at 9:34 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Want To Lose Over 10lbs In 28 Days?

11lbs in 28 Days? Congrats to everyone who entered our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Everyone remained focused and everyone lost weight and inches. Big congrats to Jodi l, who melted off over 11lbs, plus Andrea and Camille, who took 2nd and 3rd place with 10lbs and 8lbs. All winners won a free manicure (from Trans Day Spa) and massage (from Massages by Rita), plus Jodi went home with a cool $100. He's another example of what can happen when you combine #hiit and #nutrition. Your #transformation doesn't happen by chance, it happens by change! Just dig deep and change. These folks did....and u can too ;-)

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High Intensity Interval Training Named the #1 Trend!!

Monday 03 March, 2014 at 11:15 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on High Intensity Interval Training Named the #1 Trend!!

Woohoo, HIIT has been named #1, which is the same science based program design used by Hunger 4 Fitness since 2011. The American College of Sports Medicine has released its list of fitness trends for 2014, and high-intensity interval training tops the list. High Intensity Interval Training made its first appearance on this list this year. Its appearance in the top spot on the list reflects how this form of exercise has taken the fitness community by storm in recent months,” said Walter R. Thompson, Ph.D., FACSM, the lead author of the survey. Click Read More

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge is Working!

Wednesday 26 February, 2014 at 4:19 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Advocare 24 Day Challenge is Working!

I’m very excited. It's been a week on my Advocare 24 Day Challenge and I'm already seeing results. I'm 7 days into the 10 Day Cleanse Phase, and I'm beginning to see my physique take shape and tone up. I quickly dropped 3lbs in the first 3 days and I'm feeling amazing. Phase II, which is the weight management portion will begin next week. I might continue my current meal plan for this week to maximize my fat loss and reassess this weekend. Sometimes you need to switch things up, so you can break those motivation slumps and fitness plateaus. Are you stuck? Need a complete comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program to jump start your health and fitness goals? Start our 24 Day Advocare Challenge combined with our Done-For-You Meal Plans and Exercise regimens. Finally, know what to eat, and when to eat it. Know how much cardio is needed to see results quickly and safely! The only thing that can stop you! Get started now! For more information on how to BUY the complete Advocare 24 Day Challenge visit or call us now at 954-834-3321. Also Click Read More and see me first 7 Days Advocare 24 Day Challenge Transformation

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Eat Smart, Lose Smart Workshop

Monday 24 February, 2014 at 6:55 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Eat Smart, Lose Smart Workshop

They say #exercise is 20% of your #transformation and #nutrition is the other 80% of it. So at #hunger4fitness we aim to make nutrition eduction a must. Yesterday at our #coralsprings office, both @journeyofafitmom & @eunice_rd hit a homerun at our

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Jacquie Dropped Over 4 Dress Sizes!

Sunday 23 February, 2014 at 12:25 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Jacquie Dropped Over 4 Dress Sizes!

And another one :-) Congrats Jacquie, down 15lbs and from a size 12 to a size 8. She's been working very hard and I'm so proud of her. Now, her story is a little different than others as she became a client earlier this year, but was already eating healthy. What Jacquie needed was more of the other missing transformation components....#fitness #motivation #commitment...and that's what we planned to give her. She is a complete warrior. See, Jacquie has sensitive knees and required knee braces after first, and I say at first cause once the weight started to drop, so did the need of a brace, woohoo! I remember one day handing our t shirts and she replied, "Dwayne please give me a smaller size now. Cause, I can't fit those anymore. Those are too big for me

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Register Now! Weight Loss Workshop

Tuesday 31 December, 2013 at 9:28 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Register Now! Weight Loss Workshop

Ready to lose that unwanted weight in 2014, and never find it again? We all want to look good, be a bit more toned and of course be more healthier. Diets don’t always work, and the weight always finds its way back. Are you looking to permanently lose weight? This workshop is for you, if you: Have tried diets before but haven't been able to stick to them… Could use guidance and support… Have questions about nutrition… Try to eat healthy and exercise but don't seem to be able to keep weight off… Seem to crave all the bad things… Think you've tried it all… Take advantage of this special offer today, and shift your metabolism into overdrive in 2014 FRIST 5 REGISTERED TAKE $5 OFF REGISTRATION FEE REGISTER AT WWW.CORALSPRINGSFATLOSS.COM

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Our New Fitness Nutrition Coach

Thursday 19 December, 2013 at 3:08 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Our New Fitness Nutrition Coach

I'm so excited to announce the edition of my very own wife, Tenisha, to the HUNGER 4 FITNESS Fitness Professional Team. She has been very passionate about fitness for years and completely embodies our mission to change the lives of our clients. Tenisha is a, Florida Atlantic University graduate, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through National Federation of Professional Trainers. As a health and fitness enthusiast, Tenisha will be focused on working with clients to develop healthy meal plans tailored to their preferences and maximizing their nutrient intake for optimal health and fat loss, which also includes lighter choices from restaurants menus, Eat Fit Shopping list, and balanced snacks. Click Read More to see why she's an amazing addition towards Hunger 4 Fitness's customer commitment.

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