Jessica Dropped Over 2 Dress Sizes

Tuesday 22 October, 2013 at 5:41 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Jessica Dropped Over 2 Dress Sizes

And another one! Very excited to shoutout @jessica_7619. Jessica started coming to boot camp earlier this year with her bestie @marimime, who I featured her amazing transformation last week. She's another client that comes to work out with a goal in mind, and that's to change. Within a couple of month Jessica was already down 2 dress sizes and she only trains with the team twice per week. She changed her eating habits, which helped change her body at the same time. Jessica will be the first person to say it's not easy to cut out certain things, but once you see the differences that it's making....the lifestyle becomes easier. Thanks for staying focused when all the temptations scream to do the opposite. Always remember that your future body is a reflection of what you do today!

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 Jessica Coral Springs Boot Camp Weight Loss Transformation

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