10 Healthy High Protein Snacks!

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In need of a healthy snack list that also provides protein? Here's a quick and simple list that you should print and carry to the grocery store.....

10 Healthy High Protein Snacks To Remember:

REMEMBER: Protein is needed for many reasons building muscle tone, keeping your  hunger at bay,  increasing your metabolism,
to burn fat, to stay full longer and to keep hair, skin and nails looking young and healthy. MORE is needed if you workout.

1. Hard boiled eggs whites

2. Almonds

3. Greek Yogurt

4. Rolled up turkey slices (low sodium)

5. Low Sodium Cottage cheese

6. Protein shakes

7. Lentils (early mid morning snack ONLY)

8. Tofu

9. All natural almond butter

10. Pumpkin seeds

Print and Happy Eating!

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