Ladies, How to look like a Goddess!

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Great article by I frequently get questions from women asking how can I get really toned and build a nice hard body. However, they are scared to lift heavy and to failure because they have a false idea or fear that they will develop into a man. NOT TRUE :-) Get the right program, train often and hard...then watch your body transform!

Train Like A Man , Look Like A Goddess!

Strength and beauty CAN exist in the same body with this manly workout made for women

Occasionally you run across that ONE gal – the girl that has the perfect blend of tone, muscle, and curves. She’s as strong as she is beautiful, and men and women alike fall victim to head turns and double takes.

Some might say she’s put together and others might say her body is dangerously good looking, but regardless of your terminology, we all want to know one thing: How does she do it? Perhaps she hits the elliptical like a mad woman. Maybe she does Pilates and yoga all week, or worse, she’s just genetically gifted.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – she lifts weights (even heavy ones).


Hide your lunch money guys, 'cause this girl is tough enough to take it from you.
Hide your lunch money guys, ’cause this girl is
tough enough to take it from you.


That’s right! She pumps the iron and gets down, dirty, and sweaty just like the guys. Her gym bag has chalk, lifting straps and gloves in it. That woman isn’t afraid of weight training! She shouldn’t be and neither should you, because women don’t bulk up like men do.

In order for muscle to have shape and size, the muscles fibers have to be formed through resistance training that allows the muscle cells, or myofibrils, to grow. This increase in size is called hypertrophy, and it’s the key to tone and shape.

So if you want to look like a goddess, it’s time to kick the guys off the squat rack, grab some free weights and lift heavy. Here is a 4-week program complete with weight lifting, cardio and a meal plan designed to get you started on your journey to a divine body in no time!

Training Tips

  • Always lift with proper form and control.
  • Mentally focus on contracting the muscles you are using in an exercise for the entire range of motion.
  • Don’t be afraid to lift heavy.
  • You should be failing (unable to complete another rep) by the end of your rep range.
  • Keep rest breaks between sets under 60 seconds.
  • Plan your meals.

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