Another One! Orlando Lost Over 50lbs!!

Thursday 05 December, 2013 at 5:29 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Another One! Orlando Lost Over 50lbs!!
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Woohoo! Another in the bag..well kinda. @the_big_o_show is still going! Big congrats to Orlando. He's the perfect example that this journey won't happen over night. @the_big_o_show has dropped from 250+ to 195lbs since 9/8/11. He's been working real hard and it's clearly paying off. We cleaned up his #nutrition and stay committed to some other key components of a #transformation. He did hit some tough walls, but we switched up his program, and he jumped head first into my Burn60 program and started melting #fat again. What's incredible is he mostly did this virtually. Yes, no one on one's. We would meet to discuss the program and he would execute. I was so proud when he even made the routines more challenging. Occasionally, he would attend a group session when his schedule permitted, but ultimately he did this on the #hunger4fitness done for you fitness plan. Congrats again O TOWN!! Well done!. Remember folks, you didn't put the weight on over night, so please don't expect for it to melt overnight ;-) Please click read more and see his great transformation.

Personal Trainer for weight loss Coral Springs

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