620 Calories Burned in 30 Minutes!

Wednesday 08 May, 2013 at 10:55 am HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on 620 Calories Burned in 30 Minutes!
620 Calories Burned Hunger 4 Fitness Coral Springs Boot camp

What a great night to burn some calories :-) Tania came out and burned 620 calories in 30 mins!!! But, that's not even the best part...she will continue to burn more calories for the 24 to 36 hours due to the tried and tested principles of high intensity internal training (HIIT). Our sessions are based on the theory of excess post exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC. With this principle, if someone can achieve a max heart rate of 80% for at least 12 - 20 minutes, your body will burn more calories during your workout. Basing each session on Science helps us all achieve results!

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