Tenisha Post Natal Weight Loss

I started training with Hunger4Fitness in September of 2012, a little over a year after I had my second child. I had lost most of the weight I gained during my pregnancy thru weight watchers, but I still had not re-gained the muscle tone that I had developed shortly before getting pregnant with my daughter and with the limited time and struggles that come with being a new mother and working full time again, I had gotten out of the routine of working out on a regular basis. My workouts were hit or miss and would consist of 30 minutes on the elliptical or a spin class every now and again at best. My eating was not horrible because I was still following the weight watchers program but I was quickly losing motivation by not having a consistent, structured workout program to follow.

I went to Dwayne and told him that I needed something to jump start me to get back into the routine of regularly working out, but the challenge was that it had to be something I could do quickly and at home because I just didn’t have the time to spend hours at the gym nor did I have the resources to be able to consistently make it to the gym on a regular basis. This had to be something I could get done in the mornings before work in a short period of time while my baby was still asleep. This was no problem for Dwayne, he designed an at home High intensity circuit training program for me to do 3 days a week that would only take 25 to 30 minutes to complete. The work out consisted of 5 different exercises done back to back in a “circuit” alternating between resistance training using body weight, dumb bells or resistance bands to build muscle and heart racers (or) cardio based moves to burn fat. This was exactly what I needed. I would do this work out in my kitchen with the baby monitor on in case my daughter woke up. Eventually as time went by and I got more comfortable with my daughter’s sleeping schedule; I began doing the workouts in my garage. Throughout that 12 weeks although the scale didn’t change drastically, I think I lost a total of 6lbs, this was perfect for me since I didn’t start with a ton of weight to lose. What kept me going more than the scale were the changes I was seeing in my body. I was leaning out, I could see my abs again; that muscle I had worked so hard on before was slowly showing itself again, and this time in places that I may not have noticed it as much before and the added bonus was that I was BACK, back in the habit of working out daily. When we started, I was only working out 3 days a week… but as time went on I added in another day and another day and now it’s a rare occasion that I don’t work out at least 6 days a week and my rest day (Sunday) still most always involves some sort of cardio activity. Since finishing that 90 day challenge I have continued working with Hunger 4 Fitness and challenge myself in new ways with Dwayne’s help.

We continue to tweak and refine my training program based on my goals and I continue striving to be a better, fitter me than I was the day before. September of this year will mark a year since I started working w/ Hunger 4 Fitness, and I’ve set a personal goal for my anniversary date. I’ve learned, there is no “end of the road” in fitness, there’s always room to improve and to me setting goals and working towards something keeps me motivated. I’m looking forward to continuing to push myself to that next level.


Thank you Dwayne!


Tenisha Home Workout in Garage