Cindy Gonzalez

Who is Cindy?

 Run Coach and Endurance Specialist 

Something can be said when you push yourself into unknown territory.  I always call those moments an adventure.  The hardest challenge is convincing yourself to get through it.  The body will follow where the mind takes you.

I started running in 2010.  Where I felt that to get through my circumstance, I needed an outlet.  Not just any outlet, an outlet that would give me fulfillment.  I had done a few 5k, but I felt that I need to take it to the next level.  I did Fort Lauderdale A1A half marathon (13.1).  It changed a great part of me.  My dream was to do New York City Marathon.  I had the chance to participate in 2013 that forever changed me!  To know where can you go and to do it, to defeat your moments of weakness, fear, tiredness, fatigue and self-doubt is a great victory.  You are the master of them all.  I am excited to be part of Hunger4Fitness.  I am here to help you build your confidence, increase your endurance and help you reach your goal.  The beauty of any challenge you start is that at the end it is yours and only yours! There are people who will support you, encourage you, be inspired by you but you achieved them.  Hunger4fitness is here to give you a sense of overcoming these challenges with a personalized fitness plan, creating a sense of achieving your goal and making you aware that you are the master of your results!  I look forward to being part of this family and encouraging others to discover an inner strength they did not realize they possessed

Cindy Gonzalez Endurance Trainer Coral Springs