Full Review on Amino Energy

Thursday 14 July, 2011 at 10:35 pm HUNGER4FITNESS Comments Off on Full Review on Amino Energy

When it comes to pre-workout supplements, I feel like VPX's NO Shotgun is King (trying 1MR tomorrow) , but when I'm cycling off of NO Shotgun, Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy is my weapon of choice. I've been a long time fan of Optimum Nutrition products, and trying Amino Energy seemed like a great option....

But, before I get into my review, a pre-workout supplement is supposed to be enigneered to give you energy, focus, performance, and most times a great muscle pump.

Taste: 10/10:

I purchased the Fruit Punch flavor and only dropped 2 scoops into 10oz of water….and I have to say it’s the best tasting pre-workout I’ve ever tasted. Now. you can use up to 6 scoops, but I only increase my dosage to 3 scoops and the taste was even better!

Value: 7/10:

I grabbed it for $24 from a local Vitamin Shoppe. According to the label, if you only drink it  in 2 scoops dosages , one bottle will give you 30 serving, which isn’t bad, but if your taking the max dosage of 6 scoops….you might want to order 2 bottles because your gonna be tossing bottles quickly. But, for all and all..I have little issues with the value of this product.

Effectiveness: 8/10:

Within 20 minutes, my skin feels like ants are attacking me, but I love that feeling because thats the Beta-Alanine going to work. Only 2 to 3 scoops of Amino Energy had me focused and powering thru workouts…and I mean 45 min strength training and 30 minutes of cardio. However, I will say I didn’t really feel a muscle pump like when I’m on NO Shotgun.

This is a product you will feel working. I even took a serving before one my 5k races, and I tied a 5k personal best. Also, please remember that this product contains caffeine, which is a great pick me upper for my 5:30am sessions.

Overall: 8/10:

I’m very happy with Amino Energy. It deliveries on mostly all their claims.  I didn’t get a cracked out rush or a hard crash, which is a great plus! So, now I’m finished my bottle and it’s on to 1MRs pre–workout (stay tuned for a review of 1MR).

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