Jean’s Transformation

Here’s another great success story! I started working with Jean in March of 2010, at a weight of 215lbs. At first Jean was a little hesitant because he thought the distance between him and a Coral Springs Personal Trainer might cause him to lack motivation. See, Jean is located in Georgia, which is more than 600 miles from me, but that didn’t slow Jean down at all. Jean quickly transformed his garage into a home fitness studio, and we went to work. First, I created routines that worked with his pre-existing equipment, then we were able to start melting the pounds off of his 5’8 frame. With a combination of exercise and diet, Jean weighted in at 170 late Sept 2011. Now, that he has shed his goal weight, we will begin to pack on some lean mass.

Took me a while to realize that diet isn’t about what you don’t eat, but what you DO eat….    -Jean