Diego Hit Goal Weight

Why do I recommend H4F? They are the true meaning of personal training… they adjusted to my schedule, they saw my needs and they gave me a PERSONAL body training plan, and of course… I saw results.

I began at 190 lbs when I first got help from Dwayne and we managed to bring it down to 172 lbs… but I fell off the wagon and gained 10 pounds in a blink of an eye (back to 183 lbs) so I went back to H4F for help… and this time with a personal weight lifting, cardio and a diet plan I did in 2 months what I could not in 3; I did not only lose the weight but I toned and I got a flatter stomach!!! Here I am at (i will tell you tomorrow) lbs confident enough to send this picture as an update to you. They have educated me to the point that I know that this time my weight loss is here to stay.

Although I’m happy with dropping almost 20 lbs … I know that, with your help, there is more to come. Thanks H4F for your help because I’m healthier, leaner and looking better than ever!! I look forward to keep working with your team of professionals. “IT’S SHOWTIME BABY!!”


Diego Z.


Here’s a sample of Diego’s Fat Blaster Circuit, which was performed back-to-back-back

Dumbell Shoulder Presses
Pull Ups
Walking Lunges