Gabe’s Weight Loss Transformation

After hitting a low point in 2010, I started 2011 at my heaviest weight ever.  I had never crossed over 200 lbs. but found myself weighing in at 207 lbs. with no motivation or plan of attack.  After realizing that my “fat” clothes were no longer fitting, I decided to do something about it.  I consulted with Hunger 4 Fitness and we agreed that my first phase should consist of cardio and healthier eating.  I “cleaned” up my diet and started eating smaller healthier meals/snacks every 2.5 hours.  I also started to jog in the mornings before work.  Having never been a morning person this was tough, but H4F kept me motivated and on track.  Soon the pounds start to drop.  With the positive reinforcement and noticeable weight loss, I kept the momentum going.  I was running longer and more often and kept tweaking and improving my diet.  Within the first 3 months I dropped over 20 lbs.  Once I was comfortable with my new eating habits and had a regular exercise schedule, Hunger 4 Fitness and I decide to move into the next phase.  We began a circuit workout that included plyometrics and weights.  We then moved into a more formal weight workout.  The pounds have continued to come off and I’m now at the point where my clothes are all too large for me.  Since early February I have lost almost 35 pounds.  I feel great and am starting to be comfortable “showing of the body”.  🙂  The tailored plan of attack, great motivation, and continual tailoring of my fitness program by H4F have gotten me feeling healthier than I ever have.  Thanks H4F!  I can’t wait to see what’s next!!