Fat Loss Workshop

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To live one must eat. We not only eat to live; what we eat also affects our ability to stay healthy, do work, to be happy and to live well. Knowledge of what to eat and in what quantities is a prerequisite to a healthy and happy life.



with Eunice Mendoza , RD/LDN & Tenisha Douglas, FNS

Are you ready to shed those last few pounds?

We all want to look good, be a bit more toned and of course healthier. Diets don’t always work, and the weight always finds its way back. Are you looking to permanently lose weight?


This program is for you if you:

-Have tried diets before but haven’t been able to stick to them
-Could use guidance and support
-Have questions about nutrition
-Try to eat healthy and exercise but don’t seem to be able to keep weight off
-Seem to crave all the ‘bad’ things
-Think you’ve tried it all…


What will I get from this?

You will have an opportunity to be guided and supported, by a trained Health Coach— who is committed your success. This weight loss workshop is your chance to learn how you can lose weight on a non-restrictive diet while still enjoying the foods you love.


Space is Limited!! Only Room for 12 Individuals Who Want to Loss Weight, NOW!