Tenisha Douglas

Who is Tenisha?

Weight Loss Specialist & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Tenisha Douglas is a, Florida Atlantic University graduate, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through National Federation of Professional Trainers. As a health and fitness enthusiast, Tenisha has a focus on working with clients to develop healthy meal plans tailored to their preferences and maximizing their nutrient intake for optimal health and fat loss, which also includes lighter choices from restaurants menus, Eat Fit Shopping list, and balanced snacks.

In addition to one-on-one nutrition consultations and working with HUNGER 4 FITNESS’ training programs, Tenisha also conducts grocery tours and nutrition seminars/workshops.

Her special interests include navigating the client through their challenging day, and seeking realistic opportunities for balanced food choices and achievement of their personal goals.

Tenisha is dedicated to sharing knowledge about how you can reclaim your health and happiness (without dieting!) Educating people about better foods and lifestyle choices is her specialty.

Weight Loss in Coral Springs Tenisha