Benefits of Boot Camp in Coral Springs

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We are in the business where everyone is making a claims, but very few fitness companies can deliver on their promises. New exercise programs are popping up all the time. Every week there seems to be a new trendy workout program, but sticking to the basics is often the way to go. Why not take a cue from our local personal trainers with our High Intensity Bootcamp in Coral Springs. Our Bootcamp is designed to melt body fat and build lean muscle in half the time. It’s an intense workout that leaves you breathless, but with chiseled legs and toned abs. Click Read More

Our Bootcamp in Coral Springs works every muscle in your body and with little rest in between each set, you’re bound to feel the intensity and burn. Through constantly moving your body has no time to rest, therefore your burning hundreds of calories, even when you stop.

It’s for the weak, the strong, not so fit and the fit. There is no discrimination, as long as you have the will to finish what you start. Here are the benefits of a Bootcamp in Coral Springs:


High Intensity Interval Training (or H.I.I.T) Bootcamp classes are a great way to get rid of calories. In the beginning it’s challenging, but once the sweat starts to pour down your face, you’ll realise the combination of the heavy heat and constant repetitions is doing your body a big favor.


Most workout classes involve using hand weights and treadmills. In a bootcamp you’re toning your muscles with strength training and getting your cardio fix as well. That’s a plus for those who hate doing cardio, because even though the cardio session in the class might be shorter than what you usually do on your own, the intensity is higher.


Once you finish your first class, heart pounding, clothes drenched in sweat and muscles fatigued, you’ll get that burst of confidence and energy when you realise what you just endured.

Getting through a challenging workout builds self esteem and confidence. Look into yourself and realize that you just did something good for your mind and body.

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