Angel Dropped 20lbs

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Once again, I’m extremely proud of Angel [Instagram: @ineedanangel]! She started bootcamp earlier this year, and from day one she was focused on seeing a change. She made sure to make it to each session and pushed herself thru every calorie burning session. She a true example of dedication. Angel, began her transformation in January 2013 and lost a  remarkable 20lbs by April 2013. I remember the first couple of weeks because Angel was eating properly and training 4 times a week in bootcamp, but the scale didn’t want to move down. In fact it went up in the beginning, which could have been her body generating lean muscle because Angel already began to see the difference in her clothing. However, shortly there after the pounds started to melt away. This goes to show that if you gain muscle, your scale weight may go up even as you’re slimming down. It’s normal for many of us to lose inches, even if we’re not losing weight.

Angel, CONGRATS! You deserve every moment, you earned it! Another member of #thebeastmodefamily

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