Alma’s Post Natal Weight Loss

Alma Fat Loss Transformation

Congrats Alma on losing over 30lbs! I’m so proud to announce this transformation story. Alma recently had a new born baby, and wanted to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. So,  as soon as she received her post natal exercise clearance from her doctor, the fat loss challenge was on!. We first discussed her base nutrition and quickly created a program that would consist of 2 days of Interval Circuit Training with Hunger 4 Fitness. Then as we progressed, Alma, also craved out a schedule that would allow her to add biking and running 2 to 3 times per week, which would help maximize her weekly calorie burn. Within a few weeks, Alma was able to squeeze back into her old jeans, but she wanted more results! So, Alma kept pushing and within 5 months Alma lost over 30lbs! I could not have asked for a better story. Alma, lost an average of 1.5+ pounds per week, which is a great and safe timeline to burn body fat.  In addition, I recently was able to ask Alma a few questions about her amazing fat loss.

How long did it take for your transformation? 5 months

What was your starting weight and now current weight? Started at 173lbs, and I’m now down to  143lbs!

You recently had a new born. Did you find it hard to get back into working out? Yes, I had a baby. And yes it was hard because of time management matters.

What’s your current diet like? I eat every 4 hours small portions. And I watch my carbs and fat intake.

Now, we trained 2 times per week. What did you do for fitness on the other days? I cycled, ran, yoga, or a workout video.

Did you find it beneficial to only train twice a week with me? Yes, it was motivational. It got me started for the week. Sometimes you might need a little push to get you going each week and Dwayne worked hard to provided that for me.

What’s your favorite cheat meal, and how often do you cheat? Well I love rice. So I try to only eat it once a week and only a very small portion.

What advice would you give someone who’s struggling lose weight? Watching what you eat and the quantity is key working out is secondary. Also, get a trainer…with so many different weight lose gimmicks out there, a trainer can help you focus on a program that will get you on the right track.

What’s harder diet or exercise? I would definitely have to say diet.

Post Natal Exercise

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Thanks Alma!

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