Lean Than Ever in 8 Weeks

Free 5K Training - Hunger 4 Fitness Run Club


Click on the PDF icon (below) to Download & Print our 5K Training Schedule.Free 5K Training


As promised, here is the Leaner Than Ever – 5k Training Schedule. This is a totally free for everyone! This is the….let’s get motivated together training. LOL

Our local Coral Springs run club is training for the 4th of July Weston 5k, but all my virtual runners please accept the challenge to either run a 5k in your town on the 4th of July, or simply join the movement to better your time or distance.

I’m also suggesting that everyone download a smart phone GPS running app like RunnerKeeper to keep track of timing and distance. Plus, for those on Social Media like Facebook & Instagram, please post pics after running either from your running app, GPS watch, or treadmill. Don’t forget to tag @hunger4fitness & #leanerthanever. I will repost the images šŸ™‚


Day1: Please record your 1.5 mile run time. This will be need in later weeks to verify if your improving. For those running for the first time. I suggest trying a 2:1 ratio when starting off. Example: Jog for 2 mins, Walk for 1 min. Soon you will be able to increase the ratio.


Q: What if I can’t run on the same days as the group?

A: That’s totally ok. Please try to run whenĀ covenant, but try to stick with the 4 days per week schedule. So run any day of the week..just try to make it 4 times a week.Ā Feel free to make minor modifications to suit your work and family schedule.