24 Day Melt Down Challenge

24 Day Melt Down Weight Loss Challenge Coral Springs

Welcome to 24 Day Melt Down Challenge!

Thanks so much for choosing me and my program – I’m super excited. Together, we’re going to train hard, eat well and transform your body, so when you look in the mirror you can proudly say, “I love my selfie!”.

I am so excited; I can’t wait to see your results

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This is where you’ll find all your tips, workouts and other helpful information to help you stay on track with the challenge from yours truly.


Once you fill in the form below you will receive an email with the FREE initial 7 day meal plan (to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and a complete grocery shopping list.  I recommend prepping your meals as much as possible so that you are not tempted by the quick not so healthy options.  If there is a meal or food you don’t like you can easily swap it out.  Just make sure it’s “like for like” (ie: protein for protein; carb for carb; fat for fat).  My Fitness Pal is a great FREE tool for figuring out substitutions.


YES!  It’s important that you do include some type of workout with this challenge; if you’ve been following my page over the last few weeks I’ve posted a different workout each Wednesday -Feel free to use those workouts with a side of your favorite cardio along with the meal plan for the next 24 days.


Contact me for Vegan friendly meal plan options.



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